Syllabus, UIC - Spring `01

Leading Discussion, Schedule of Activites, Student & Group Numbers, Debate Topics, Grades

Time & Place: Mon, Wed., 2:00 - 2:50, LC A6
Instructor: Reed.
Office: SEO 917
Phone: (312) 413-9478
email: reed @
On the Web:
Office Hours: 9:30 - 11:00 M Th Or by appointment on M or Th.
TA: Churumathi Krishnan (
Prerequisites: EECS 360

Johnson, Deborah G. Computer Ethics, 3rd edition. Prentice-Hall 2001.

There may be additional outside readings required.

Make sure that you are on the class email list. Please send email to your TA requesting to be added to the list if you are not on it. I'm assuming students check email every day. All critical announcements, changes to assignments, etc. will be distributed via email.


Class Participation
Leading Discussion
Position Papers


Class participation means being actively involved in discussions and asking questions, demonstrating you have read the material and thought about it ahead of time.

See here for the current grades. Grades are listed by code number. To find your code number, do the following: Take the last 4 digits of your SSN (e.g. 1359). Take the middle two digits as a number (e.g. 35) and add to the first and last digits (e.g. the 1 and 9 from 1359), giving in our example 35+1+9=45. This is your code number.

Class Participation

Everyone will have a turn leading the discussion, starting the second week of class. Take a look at a description by John Artz of applying the Socratic method to discussing computer ethics. (See what he says about value clarification and cognitive dissonance.) You will want to help direct the class in 1. general discussion, 2. prepared questions, and 3. concept development.

There are no tests.

Do also take a look at other resources I have found, and suggest any of your own to me that you come across.

EECS Dept., University of Illinois at Chicago, 375 Home page, Prof. Reed