[Mips & Spim] [Control Unit Design & Mythsim] [Other]

Introduction (258K doc)

Mips & Spim

directory of code examples

The MIPS Architecture (doc)

In-class first example (html, doc) of program to find sum of numbers from 10 down to 0

MIPS Quick Tutorial (html, doc) includes register description table, I/O description table)

Programming Examples handout

switch statment program (rtf), and example trace (rtf format)

Developing Efficient Code: Evaluating a Program (MS Word)

Logical Operations

Shift Operations

Factorial (doc): in C and corresponding MIPS

Exception Handling (doc)

Pipelining Issues (doc), architecture and examples (pdf)

Floating Point

Control Unit Design & Mythsim

Solworth Ch1 Review class handout, Solworth Ch2 Review class handout

Control Unit design: hardwired & microprogrammed from Mano, ch. 8
        ASM diagrams, Hardwired control figures, Microprogrammed control figures
        Mealy and Moore machines example (MS Word)
        Microprogrammed Adder (pdf) supplement (also listed below)

Solworth Control Unit design class handout

MythSim two-sided Quick Reference sheet.

Mythsim handouts (doc) from Troy.

In-class example to add numbers, storing the result into memory (mem, ucode)

Files for Function Call examples (assembler, mem, microcode) implementing assembler stack instructions


See the Mano Textbook accompanying web site for the following chapter figures (pdf files)

Ch. 2: Combinational Logic Circuits (pdf)
Ch 4: Combinational Functions and Circuits (pdf)
Figures 2_34 (three state buffers) and 4_8 (decoder) (doc)
Ch 9: Memory Basics (pdf)
Ch 10: Computer Design Basics (pdf)
Ch 11: Instruction Set Architecture (pdf)
           See also Instruction Set architecture notes (doc) and addressing modes diagram (doc)
Ch 12: RISC and CISC CPUs (pdf)
Ch 13: IO and Communication (pdf)
Ch 14: Memory Systems (pdf)
           Cache example class handout (doc)

     Microprogrammed Adder (pdf)    
     Error Detection and Correction (pdf)

Topics Covered (doc)


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