Lose the beard - or - WarpIt - or - ASCII

Dale F. Reed

Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
917 Science and Engineering Offices
851 S. Morgan St. (MC 152)
Chicago, IL  60607-7053
(312) 413-9478, Fax (312) 413-0024

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Research Projects

C++ For Example (CFX) - a framework to present introductory programming content
Web Annotator - a way to markup (add, delete, modify) any web page you view


CS recruiting materials

What I've learned about Teaching, UIC CS Graduate Student Association, Feb 2011

Tablet Tools for Teaching (UIC Dec. '07)
July/August '05 Powerpoint on UIC (13MB), Jobs in CS (1MB), Jason Leigh's EVL presentation (17MB)
August 1-4 '05 Teach .NET: AP CS