Microsoft Software Distribution Program for UIC CS students

The UIC CS Department has a site license with Microsoft through the MSDNAA program to distribute its systems software. This does not include Microsoft Office. You can get copies of this software either by downloading it from a web site or by ordering original media from the web site for a nominal cost.

Getting Software & License

Students who are CS students should get an email each semester from MSDNAA with their password. Note that this requires your CS account, not your UIC netid.

If you have not received an email with your password, but are a currently registered UIC CS Dept. student, then you can visit:
Then select the "Log In" button. In the login screen, select the link at the bottom that specifies:
        Can't remember your password? Click here for a reminder.
The following screen then allows you to type in your CS account userid, after which you get an email with your password.

If for some reason this does not work and you are a recent student joining the CS department, then it is possible that the MSDNAA list has not yet been updated with your information. Please contact CS Computer Support <> to find out the date of last update.

Once your login is working you will need to download the software as well as get a license for it online through the web site. The web site also includes the option for ordering original media, at a nominal cost.


For help with software downloads and installation, please contact Yosef Lifshits <> You can also use the following bulletin-board for discussion of installation/CD burning issues:

CS departmental support does not have the resources to provide individualized support for the MSDNAA program.